Friday, September 6, 2013

Field Roast Came To Me

For years now, I've been reading about Field Roast products. My American veg*n friends and fellow bloggers have been raving about this company, extolling the virtues of it's tastiness and even though I scoured what stores are available to me when I cross-border shop, I never found Field Roast products. Not to worry, they came to me! While browsing in Goodness Me one day, I spotted them - dogs, sausages, roasts - I think I actually squealed out loud a little bit. A little orange sign said "New" and a little yellow sign said "Special" - meaning 'on sale'. Yes! I decided on the sausages and chose "Smoked Apple Sage"

Even on sale, these were a little pricey. I got a package for 4 for $5.99 and I couldn't wait to try them. On that same shopping trip, I also scored on another sale - 

Silver Hills hot dog and hamburger buns 2 for $6, so of course, I got one of each. Jim is a white bread lover. As much as I try, I can't get him to embrace the lusciousness of whole grain bread. I've brought home different brands, different seed and grain types but he still goes for white. The best I could hope for was the unbleached kind - until now. He will eat these! I think it's because they have a familiar texture and he can't see the "stuff". 

Last year, President's Choice introduced a line of condiments, some of which we tried and thought were very good. The zucchini relish is outstanding. I was super excited to see this 

And look - no weird, funky ingredients. 

Here's my sausage hot off the barbeque with some fried onions and smothered in maple mustard. Yummy! Although these were tasty - the price is a little steep. Tofurky sausages are about $2 less a package, and I really like Tofurky's Kielbasa and Italian ones. Granted, Field Roast has some different flavours.....what a conundrum! I'll be watching for the sales and checking out Wegman's  (again!) when I do some cross-border shopping. 


  1. The Field Roast Italian are my favorite -- we love them sauteed with bell peppers, folded into red sauce, over pasta. The Apple Sage ones are good for breakfast; we're not huge fans of the chorizo-style ones. (And you're right -- they are expensive! Costco here has recently started carrying them -- score!)

  2. Oooo, I'll check my Costco. Thanks for the info Catherine!

  3. Glad you were able to try them! That Maple Mustard looks amaze-balls.